Kopia Business Images Gets Glossy

KopiaWeb gets glossy
Each issue of Photoshop User Magazine had a section called 'Design Makeover' where they challenge three designers to re-design a business' logo or website. For the April 2012 issue I was thrilled to be selected for the challenge.

Photoshop User Magazine

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"The intent of this design was to attract and engage the first-time visitor. Return-visitors will soon know what to do here, but if the objective is to grow the business, then this page needs to be all about a first-time visitor's initial impression.

Keeping it simple while presenting all the essential information was the goal. A fresh and visually appealing interface suits the site and the client. Six elements: photographs, umbrellas (for a subtle studio setting), the title, informative navigation, a brief statement, and contact information, are all above the fold. The colors fulfill the lightheartedness the owner wishes to project, and shadows add even more light and dimension.

With this design the ideal visitor can instantly tell that this is a site they are interested in. The site's navigation is refined to its minimum, with immediate access to the inner works. Since the Portfolio would be the first place that a new visitor would want to access, it gets that first button space. There is a button just for Models, letting them know that they are a priority for this photographer. Secondary site-information is divided into Client, where they will find the portal the owner requested, and More, a page for everything else. Large, modern buttons make this site easy to navigate even on a small smart-phone.

Without interaction the page is pleasingly still; however, the photos would be clickable to smoothly bring each to the top of the order.  This way the home page becomes a mini-portfolio as well as a capture-and-engage page. The fresh-green buttons would have a smooth fade-to-inner-glow effect on mouse over.

I've used Adobe's Trajan Pro font everywhere because consistency creates simplicity. The font offers the right expression--and is one of my current favorites!

I always refer to the client's intent when designing and this example meets that end."



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